When PPE Brands Continue to Raise Prices on Critical Supplies, Melvado Imports aims to help them save instead

LA, USA / ACCESSWIRE / December 16, 2021 The rising demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is creating supply chain stress throughout the U.S. because of COVID, leading to delays in almost everything. Regulatory authorities are penalizing facilities that do not have proper protective equipment, which adds to the supply and demand crunch. PPE supplies that used to take 3 to 6 weeks to deliver earlier, now take up to 5 months post-pandemic.

Due to this widening gap between supply and demand, big brands are leveraging the situation to their advantage. According to one research, the prices for PPE supplies have at least risen by 6X than what the actual manufacturing cost is, making it difficult for businesses to keep up with the PPE stock.

Where most of the brands are busy taking advantage of the critical situation, Melvado Imports plans to do exactly the opposite. It’s helping businesses save up to 40% on PPE supplies without compromising on quality and delivery schedules. Moreover, the company has unveiled ambitious plans to further negotiate prices from its vendors and make sure all the businesses get PPE supplies at a fair rate in these critical times.

They’ve even signed contracts with 9 new PPE vendors (Which add to their existing pool and make it 49 vendors in total) who are certified PPE manufacturers. They also aim to roll out an efficient supply chain plan in 2022. According to this plan, they will be giving FREE SHIPPING* to all the businesses that plan to procure PPE supplies from Melvado Imports across the US in 2022.

Benjamin Shahin, Supply Chain Consultant at Melvado Imports, said: “In 2022, the demand for PPE supplies will further surge. We’re witnessing more life-threatening viruses than Covid which will push people to use more PPE than ever. Lockdowns will again prevent people from leaving their homes which will lead to an increase in demand for personal protective equipment not only at workplaces but even at homes”.

He further added, “That’s why it is high time for all PPE suppliers, to implement an efficient supply chain system to meet the expected demands of not only large healthcare organizations, GPOs, and Government clients, but also small and medium businesses operating on different levels”.

We asked about their thoughts on small and medium businesses specifically and about what do they think about their PPE requirements, to which they said, “Big brands are selling PPE supplies at a very high margin, due to which its nearly impossible for the SMEs to procure supplies from them. Even if they do, they’d just buy a few to comply with the regulations. These businesses need the same kind of protection, prevention and safety too. As a part of our corporate social responsibility, we’ve to make sure its accessibility to all. It’s not about business anymore.”

He further added: “Due to high prices, these big brands sell most of their lot to other brands who can afford their prices. The allocation is therefore restricted to these buying groups only, which we don’t align ourselves with. So far, we’ve been able to sell 1000,000 PPE supplies of high quality to 100+ businesses throughout the U.S. Our supply chain team provides extended one-on-one support that you’ll rarely experience working with other vendors. Through our personalized support and distribution centers, we’re excited to become a trusted vendor throughout the U.S and to these unattended groups.”

If you’re a procurement officer, who wants to pay a fair price for PPE supplies with the same or even better quality then you should definitely try Melvado Imports for your next PPE order. They’re even offering FREE shipping* to businesses to plan to place their orders with them for a limited time. So if you’re done paying 6X high, all you need to do is contact Melvado Imports for a FREE quote today.

Source: Variance Marketing