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We at Melvado Imports LTD are a company based in Ontario, Canada, dedicated to distributing PPE equipment and health-related products. We also deliver our products across North America.

Our high-quality products cater to various industries and sectors, including hospitals, health care, schools, police, fire departments, governmental organizations, charity, and retail services.

Melavado Imports currently offers the following products:

  • Disposable face masks
  • Nitrile gloves
  • COVID Antigen self-test

Our products, especially nitrile gloves and face masks, are available in various packaging offered by different brands. We carefully select and pick the best brands available in the market. Moreover, we also make sure that all these products are entirely safe to use and are sterile. The COVID Antigen test kits are perfect for at-home use and can help you quickly detect whether you are COVID positive.

All in all, we offer products that promote safety and hygiene and are geared towards better health safety. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best products and attain superior customer satisfaction.

We make sure that our products meet, satisfy, and fulfill the ongoing demands and requirements of the modern health industry. Furthermore, our products are also perfect for use in labs and safety departments, especially where there is an utmost need to cut off direct human contact with harmful tools, equipment, and other materials. This risk may either be skin contact or the breathing in of contaminants.

Melvado Imports LTD takes pride in gaining customer trust through the timely delivery of our high-quality PPE equipment. We handle bulk orders quickly and deliver properly packaged material. We are working hard to add more products to our catalog and offer a broader range of brands to pick from. We test every product we offer carefully so that they can stand out in our target market.

Our line of health products is entirely safe to use; they help protect everyone, including hospital staff, patients, teachers, students, police, firefighters, and even health care workers. They even protect and help care for the facility they are used in.

We deliver to a wide range of sectors and a range of cities and states. We hope to expand and spread by catering to an even wider variety of industries in various regions. You can reach out to us regarding any queries you may have. Also, feel free to ask us for a quote through our website!